Amador Park is the first chapter of the third act in Gears of War: Judgment. It is also Paduk's first time as narrator and as a playable character.


After a lengthy cutscene in which Paduk argues with Col. Loomis, gets beaten by Loomis' men, and reveals that he had an ulterior motive while following Baird - seeing the mansions of Seahorse Hills - you're now at Seahorse Hills; the place where the rich people of the city lived before the Grubs destroyed it. There are lots of bodies and houses. The Declassified Mission is at the right side of the courtyard.

Declassified MissionEdit

"Pvt. Paduk claimed that Kilo Squad subdued armored enemies using only shotguns."

If you activate the Declassified Mission, you'll have to use Gnasher Shotguns and Sawed-Off Shotguns. There'll be several enemies that will attack you at close quarters so you better aim for weak spots and save Sawed-Off ammo for tougher enemies.

Walk past the rubble and double left, you'll find several burned cars and suddenly one of them will be pushed aside by Mauler Elites and Bloodmounts. Take them out carefully as they will down or kill you with one to two attacks on higher difficulties. Shoot at the Bloodmount's armor and attack the legs of the Maulers once they take cover. Wretches and Grenadiers will also attack you; they shouldn't be much of a problem but keep an eye on them and don't let them get close to you. There'll be ammo boxes around here but they'll only reload your Gnasher. You'll need to find Onyx ammo caches to reload your Sawed-Off.

Move forward until you hear Cole saying that he's got a statue in his atrium. Afterwards, turn left and open the gates in front of you. A Corpser will burst out of the ground. Take it down with the Sawed-Off Shotgun and deal with the Kantus upstairs. An E-Hole will open and more Locust will attack you. Once you've disposed of them, move forward until you reach a gate covered by plants and you'll have finished the chapter.


Once you've dealt with both Kantus and the Corpser, move past them and at the balcony to your right, there'll be a COG Tag near some stairs.


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