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"Control, this is Alpha-Two. We've successfully deployed."
— A member of Alpha-Two reporting their landing in the Inner Hollow

Alpha-Two was a six-man Gear squad that took part in Operation: Hollow Storm.


Operation: Hollow StormEdit

"Cavern seems unstable. We're gonna try and regroup with Alpha-One. Alpha-Two out."
— A member of Alpha-Two after the ambush

After landing in their grindlifts, Alpha-Two attempted to contact Control. Sgt. Marcus Fenix of Delta-One informed them that they were too deep for surface contact. They then fell into a Locust ambush, with Drones and Reavers attacking from the front, and troikas and mortars hitting them from a high ridge on their right flank. Delta-One was able to destroy both the Locust gun position and the mortar team. They then used the mortars to help Alpha-Two fight off the Locust counterattack. By the end of the ambush, half of the squad had been killed. After thanking Delta-One for the assist, Alpha-Two told them they would attempt to regroup with Alpha-One.[1]


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