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Private Alonzo was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army. He was part of Kilo Squad, along with Baird, Cole, and Dickson. He was a combat medic.


Patrolling Exclusion Zone CheckpointEdit

Alonzo and the rest of Kilo Squad were patrolling north of Jacinto after the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack had been announced. He didn't know a lot about the Hammer of Dawn and kept asking Baird questions about it. He was worried that they were going to get in trouble when Cole let a van through the roadblock.

Patrolling South of JacintoEdit

While he and Kilo Squad were patrolling, their APC broke down. While Baird was fixing the APC, Alonzo, Cole, and Dickson covered him. Alonzo was positioned on the APC's turret and when the Locust arrived, he helped Cole kill a Boomer. He also covered Cole and Dickson when Baird drove the APC over to let them get in.

Wrightman HospitalEdit

Nine years later, Alonzo was still in a squad with Baird, Cole, and Dickson, but they had become Foxtrot-Six. While at their barracks, they watched the Stranded from Operation Lifeboat arrive at the barracks. He wasn't sure if the Stranded could be trusted. The squad then went to knock down a bridge, and he and the rest of the squad covered Baird as he went to place charges on it. When one of the charges blew prematurely, he had his med kit in hand looking for Baird. When the Grubs started attacking, he, Cole, and Dickson had to cover Baird because he was still in the water. Eventually, a Mammoth came and helped them get out of the situation.

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