Airborne is the sixth chapter of the second act of Gears of War 3.


New enemies:

You're on board a Locust Barge en route to Anvil Gate. When you see several barges attacking an ammunition outpost, you hear Dizzy calling for backup and Marcus tells him they're on their way. Dizzy is astonished to hear from him and that he hijacked a Locust Barge. You need to blow up the ammo crates inside the barges to shoot them out. Once you're done, you drop off the Barge and come to Dizzy's aid.

Take out the Guards attacking Dizzy and watch out for their Torque Bows; take cover on the car above you to avoid problems. There'll be some Guards above you, take them out fast. Once you're done, a Reaver lands on the roof of a building; use the Bows to take it out faster. Dizzy congratulates you and greets you before he tells you to grab as much ammo as you can. Baird asks him if Hoffman still had Prescott's data disk. He told him that he did and asked him if they had found a way to open it. Marcus told him it was a long story and that they better grab the supplies and go. 

Dizzy opens the armory for you. Inside, there are lots of ammo boxes, Bolo Grenades, Longshots, Torque Bows, Boomshots and Retro Lancers. There's also a One-Shot and a Hammer of Dawn inside (take them as they will be useful in the next part). Once you're done, head back to the Barge. However, more Reavers and Guards arrive. Take out the Reavers with the Hammer of Dawn and the One-Shot before killing the Guards. There's a fuel truck to the right. Blow it up to take down the Reavers and Guards near it. Once you've destroyed all enemies, head back to the barge. Marcus tells Baird to drive. Baird tells him he couldn't drive it and just hopes the programmer will work but Dizzy tells him that was just fine. After the small cutscene, the next chapter begins.


  • Manifest: After Dizzy opens the supply hangar, go to the other end of the street where the Reavers land. Go to the end where the truck hauling the two large containers is and it will be next to the cab.
  • Recovered Cog Tags #8: After finding the Manifest, turn around and follow the left wall. You should find a gate open to some stairs. Go up the stairs and to the right into the small room at the back straight ahead. The COG Tags are lying on the floor.
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