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"Survival of the fittest. Hell, we'll still be here long after you've gone."
— Ailsa, talking with Cole about the Stranded

Ailsa was a Stranded who became a Gear by joining the Coalition of Ordered Governments army through Operation Lifeboat.


Riverside SkirmishEdit

Nine years after Emergence Day, Ailsa was assigned to drive a Mammoth bridge-laying tank. When Foxtrot-Six came under attack by Locust forces after destroying a Locust bridge, Ailsa was assigned by Control to assist them. When she arrived at the battlefield, she warned the Gears to move out of her way, and crossed over the river to where the Locust were taking cover. Ailsa ran them over, and then backed up over them to make sure they were dead. She asked Foxtrot if they could see any more Locust, and Pvt. Augustus Cole told her they were clear. Foxtrot then boarded the Mammoth and assisted them in rescuing Cpl. Damon Baird from the river. As Pvt. Alonzo began treating Baird, Ailsa came out of the tank's main hatch and asked them if they needed a ride home. Pvt. Dickson told her that Stranded assholes had stripped their Packhorse, and Ailsa said they had better hurry over to what was left before the "assholes" took the rest of it. Cole apologized for him, saying that they were all pretty strung out. Ailsa told him that the time was going to eventually come when the COG would be just like the Stranded, except they wouldn't have as much experience at living like they had for the past nine years. Cole acknowledged that she might be right, and Ailsa said that the Stranded would be around long after the COG was gone.[1]


  1. Gears of War: Coalition's End pg 370-371

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