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Unknown; Before Emergence Day

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14 A.E. (possibly)

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"Tell me I didn't just hear that."
"You did. We're fucked.
— Takashi and Ahman, hearing Tickers approaching them while hanging from a rope

Corporal Ahman was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army and a member of Midnight Squad.



Ahman plunging into the river below the Ferro Bridge.

Operation: MidnightEdit

"Never--unh--never did like heights!"
— Ahman, while dangling from a rope high above a river

Shortly before the Lightmass Offensive in 14 A.E., Ahman was chosen to participate in Operation: Midnight as part of Midnight Squad. Ahman and the rest of the squad were transported by two Assault Derricks along the Landown Highway and through the Stromson Forest to the Ferro Bridge, where they were dropped off. Lt. Draper briefed the squad on their mission to keep the bridge open long enough for a convoy to cross it, and ordered Ahman to go with Sgt. Jonathan Harper and Pvt. Takashi to secure the far side of the bridge. After they crossed it, they found a large hole in the middle, and Ahman looked over the edge and was worried about how far down it was to the ground. Harper ordered Ahman and Takashi to rappel down and investigate the underside of the bridge. They took the top part of their armor off and rappelled down, and did not find anything at first, but they were soon attacked by Tickers. They fended them off with their fists and Snub Pistols, but Harper began having trouble holding their rope steady. A Theron Guard arrived and shot the rope, sending Ahman and Takashi plummeting down to the water below. Takashi managed to grab onto the bridge, but Ahman fell screaming into the water, and was presumed dead.[1] However, his body was never found, so he was listed as MIA.[2]


Crimson Omen
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  2. Ahman is MIA, as far as we know, his body was never recovered. - Joshua Ortega

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