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The Age of Armageddon was a millennium-long conflict that nearly destroyed Sera. The age almost led the Human race to total destruction, however the Seran people eventually rejected the concept of war and began a Golden Age.[1] Unfortunately peace would not last for long, and the Age of Armageddon returned after the Gold Rush in the form of the Pendulum Wars. After the COG won the Pendulum Wars over the UIR, humanity had only six weeks of peace before a new conflict began but this time against a new enemy: the Locust Horde, on E-Day most of the human race died while the COG lost more people in the ensuing days of the Locust War, beginning a new Age of Armaggeddon. After 15 years of war the COG was forced to sacrifice their last major city, Jacinto, in order to destroy the Locust Horde. Though the Horde survived they didn't manage to pose a large threat any longer. Humanity fought again during the Stranded Insurgency but the COG was able to deal with the Stranded. However, 18 months after the sinking of Jacinto another army rised, the Lambent which spread across Sera and again began a new Age of Armageddon, unlike the Locust, Lambent's only purpose was to spread their infection, which made them a though enemy to fight. With heavy losses the COG disbanded in several outposts and the remmant of Locust Horde was able to take humanity's last safe heaven, Azura, however Professor Adam Fenix created a weapon that destroyed the Locust and Lambent, bringing peace at last to the human race.


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