The Admiralty House was the main headquarters of the Vectes Naval Base. During the Stranded Insurgency and the Lambent Invasion, the Admiralty House served as the headquarters for the entire command structure of the remnant of the Coalition of Ordered Governments.


Combat Information CenterEdit

The Combat Information Center was an area of the Admiralty House that contained the Coalition High Command, and later, the remnant of the Coalition High Command. Here, High Command could command and control all forces in the area, as well as organize and direct all patrols and missions that happen.

Main Meeting RoomEdit

The Main Meeting Room was an area that was used by the heads of VNB for meetings and agreements that might take place. Later, after the remnant of the Coalition of Ordered Governments arrived at Vectes Island and Vectes Naval Base, the remaining COG command structure used this room for quick and long-term meetings to discuss topics, agreements and what to do for the future of the COG.


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