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Act 1: Tip of the Spear

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For other uses, see Act 1.

Act 1: Tip of the Spear consists of the following chapters:

  1. Welcome to Delta
  2. Desperation
  3. Rolling Thunder
  4. The Big Push
  5. Roadblocks
  6. Digging In

Act 1: Tip of the Spear primarily features the Assault on Landown. However, it also features the Battle Of Jacinto Med and The Road To Landown. Events and dialogs in Act 1 set the stage for many other plot-points in the game, such as Dom's search for Maria Santiago and the Assault On The Hollow.


Act 1 is split up into several parts, 6 in all. They are listed below:

List of Chapters in Gears of War 2: Act 1
Welcome to Delta · Desperation · Rolling Thunder · The Big Push · Roadblocks · Digging In

List of Acts in Gears of War 2
1 · 2 · 3 · 4 · 5

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