Abandon Ship is the second chapter of the first act of Gears of War 3.


Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship.

New Enemies:

A group of Stranded in the ship will ask you to help them deal with the Lambent that are preventing them from getting the Ravens out. Kill all Lambent on the way and raise the lifts on the panels. Afterwards, a KR pilot will request your help with the Lambent, who have killed his crew and the deck captain who raises the lifts. Deal with them all, and midway through, a strange tentacle kills him and destroys the King Raven. Deal with the tentacle, which also spawns Polyps at the same time. Once the tentacle leaves, finish the Lambent in the control room to raise the lift. You will now encounter the Lambent Leviathan.

The Leviathan smashes your position, causing you to fall down into the maintenance section. Continue proceeding along the way, dealing with Lambent Drones which ambush you shortly. The Lambent Leviathan smashes a tentacle shortly afterwards, causing Polyps to spawn on your flank. Kill the Polyps and it also unintentionally lowers a ramp to get back up to the top deck. As you get up, the Leviathan uses two of its tentacles to move containers in the hopes of squishing you. Run for it.

Open the two Silverbacks in a holding area and use them. (If playing this chapter solo, Dom will automatically use the other Silverback.) The Lambent Leviathan now attempts to eat through the ship's decks to sink it. Shoot the Leviathan in the eyes and, after destroying one eye, it bursts open, completely mutilated. You need to do this three times, dealing with various Polyps and Lambent Drones that attempt to stop you from stunning it. When stunned for the third time, a point of interest appears where Cole and his squad drop Tickers on the Leviathan. Baird jokes around, saying Marcus would like it, but he gets angry, saying that the whole ship will blow up because of this. As the Lambent Leviathan blows up, a huge blinding light appears and takes you one hour backwards before the ship got destroyed in Cole's version, also starting the next chapter.


  • Silverback Manual: When you enter the shed with the two Silverbacks, on the bench on your immediate left is the manual.


  • Upon completing this chapter, you will unlock the "Swimmin' in Glowie Gravy" achievement.
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