A Company 26th Royal Tryan infantry was a company element of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry. One year after Emergence Day, they were ordered to retreat to Ephyra to avoid the Hammer of Dawn counterattack.


One year after Emergence DayEdit

One year after Emergence Day, A Company was one of several units ordered to fall back to the Jacinto Plateau. The fallback was directed from Kinnerlake Sector Control, and the main body of A Company fell back along Route Theta. However, one squad under the command of Sgt. Marcus Fenix was going to miss the evacuation window by two hours, and decided to assist civilians in the town of Jannermont, which was under attack by the Locust. They succeeded in killing the Locust, but their APC broke down when they got back on route, and they had to walk to the nearest COG outpost.[1] They eventually reached a bridge checkpoint along the Ephyra-Kinnerlake highway, where they learned of the Hammer of Dawn counterattack announcement. They assisted the Gears at the checkpoint in clearing the road for civilian traffic, and got on a convoy to Ephyra.[2] Marcus' squad was later redeployed to reopen the Voslov Bridge, which had fallen to the Locust. They killed the Locust around the bridge, and reopened it for civilian traffic.[3] Five days after the Hammer strike, elements of A Company were sent out in APCs to inspect areas close to the Jacinto Plateau that were hit by the attack. They found hundreds of burned bodies and extremely inhospitable conditions, but no sign of Locust or survivors. Several of the Gears who went on the patrol, including Pvt. Padrick Salton, were psychologically scarred by the experience.[4]

Known MembersEdit


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