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Coalition of Ordered Governments

Product line




Technical specifications
Maximum speed


  • Side Guns (specific weapon type unknown)
  • 8 Grenade launchers

One Gear squad, One JACK




Coalition of Ordered Governments

APC-Two was one of three APCs that guarded the convoy during the Evacuation of North Gate.


Evacuation of North GateEdit

During the Evacuation of North Gate, APC-Two was driven by Col. Victor Hoffman and Cpl. Tai Kaliso. It maintained position in the center of the convoy while en route to the North Gate Agricultural Depot.[1] Once they reached the compound, Tai parked APC-Two next to APC-One as directed by the Sappers.[2] After the convoy began to move out, APC-Two stayed in the middle of the convoy until it came under attack, and Tai drove it to inspect the vehicles hit by the Locust. They stopped the APC briefly to scare away Stranded who were scrounging through the wreckage, and then rejoined the convoy, taking over as the rear vehicle after APC-Three left to intercept a group of Locust.[3] When Cpl. Damon Baird came under attack after assisting a stalled truck, Hoffman and Tai stopped APC-Two, and headed on foot to help him. However, APC-One picked them up, and they made their way back to APC-Two. However, in their absence, a Locust had planted a bomb on the bottom of the APC, leaving them stranded.[4] They fought the Locust until Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago arrived and helped them finish the Locust off. Lt. Anya Stroud then sent in JACK to disable the bomb, and the four Gears got into APC-Two and drove back to Jacinto.[5]


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