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Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments

Product line




Technical specifications
Maximum speed


  • Side Guns (specific weapon type unknown)
  • 8 Grenade launchers

One Gear squad, One JACK




Locust War


Coalition of Ordered Governments

"APC-One to all vehicles, we're getting vibrations up here. Stay sharp."
— Marcus, before the Locust ambush the convoy APC-One is leading

APC-One was one of three APCs that guarded the convoy during the Evacuation of North Gate.


Evacuation of North GateEdit

During the Evacuation of North Gate, APC-One was crewed by Sgt. Marcus Fenix, Cpl. Dominic Santiago, and Pvt. Federic Rojas. Dom drove the APC at the lead of the convoy, while Rojas manned the gun.[1] After arriving at the North Gate Agricultural Depot, Dom was directed to park APC-One by a group of Sappers.[2] As the convoy prepared to move out, Dom moved APC-One into position at the head of the convoy, and led the convoy out when it was time to move.[3] As they continued on, they began feeling vibrations on the ground, indicating that Locust were about to attack.[4] After reaching the Timgad Bridge, APC-One guarded the bridge while the convoy crossed over it. When Cpl. Damon Baird came under attack while assisting a stalled vehicle, Dom began driving APC-One to assist him.[5] They picked up Baird, along with Sgt. Bernadette Mataki, Pvt. Augustus Cole, and driver Jeff Tatton, and then began heading back to Jacinto.[6] After communication was lost with Col. Victor Hoffman and Pvt. Tai Kaliso, Marcus and Dom left APC-One to rescue them, and Cole drove the vehicle back to Jacinto.[7]


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