Production information

Coalition of Ordered Governments



Technical specifications
Maximum speed


  • Side Guns (specific weapon type unknown)
  • 8 Grenade launchers
  • 1 driver
  • 1 gunner[citation needed]

One Gear squad, One Jack




Locust War


Coalition of Ordered Governments

"The status is that it sucks. The clutch plate is cracked, I'm gonna have to take off the flywheel..."
Baird, reporting the condition of APC-142

APC-142 was an APC abandoned near the Fenix estate. It was repaired by Cpl. Damon Baird and used to help Delta Squad during the Lightmass Offensive.


Lightmass OffensiveEdit

After reaching the Fenix Estate, Baird and Cole found APC-142 around the back of the house. Marcus ordered them to fix it so that Delta Squad would have an escape vehicle. Although it was in bad condition, Baird was able to fix it. After JACK finished downloading crucial data on the Locust tunnels, Delta-One and Jack escaped from encroaching Locust forces, including a Brumak, in APC-142.[1] As they entered Timgad, they were stopped at Timgad Bridge, which was powered down and drawn up. Marcus left Baird and Cole behind to guard the APC, while he and Dom attempted to raise the bridge. After raising it, they drove APC-142 to Timgad Station, and left it behind as they attempted to board the train carrying the Lightmass Bomb.[2]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • There is an APC, with the number '142', seen at the beginning of Gears of War 2, during the cutscene outside the hospital. It is unknown if this is the same APC used by Delta.[3]
    • Additionally, during Chapter 4 of RAAM's Shadow, there is also an APC with the number '142'. It is seen bashing open a COG barrier to allow Gears to attack RAAM. It is unknown if this is also the same APC.[4]


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