"We're not Stranded. We just lost radio contact."
— Cpl. Hugo Muir, one of the two surviving members of the 5th Kaian nine years after E-Day

The 5th Kaian Grenadiers were a Coalition of Ordered Governments army unit based out of Kaia.

Unit HistoryEdit

Fall of KaiaEdit

Around the time of the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, one year after Emergence Day, the 5th Kaian Grenadiers were defending Kaia from a vicious Locust assault. However, they were unable to hold out against the Locust for long, and began scattering all over the island looking for a way to escape. Two members of the Fifth Kaian, Cpl. Hugo Muir and Darrel, linked up with a paramedic and fought their way to a dockyard, where they took a boat to the island of Noroa.[1]

Defending NoroaEdit

For the next eight years, Hugo and Darrel defended Noroa from the Locust. The duo were joined by Sgt. Bernadette Mataki, from the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry, and Miku, a civilian they had recruited. They ambushed any Locust forces who came to the island for supplies, hiding with fifteen surviving civilians in the eastern cliffs of the island. Eventually, they decided to leave Noroa and go to Port Slaughterhouse on Galangi, which was safe from Locust tunneling. However, shortly before Hugo and Darrel led the handful of remaining civilians to Galangi, Bernie left them, determined to go to the Jacinto Plateau and try to find what remained of the COG.[2]

Known MembersEdit


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