"Crazy bastards. Fucking heroes."
— Dominic Santiago's thoughts on the 3EE

The 3rd Ephyran Engineers, also called the 3rd Ephyrans or 3EE, were a unit of Coalition of Ordered Governments engineers. Dubbed heroes by their fellow Gears, the 3rd Ephyrans not only drove vehicles and dug trenches like most traditional post-Emergence Day engineers, they also undermined Locust positions, actually digging under their tunnels. Because of this, many Gears also thought of the 3rd Ephyrans as crazy.

Unit HistoryEdit

Locust WarEdit

One hundred and ninety days after the Hammer of Dawn counterattack, the 3rd Ephyrans were stationed at a barracks in Ephyra. When news arrived about the suicide of Chief of the COG Defense Staff Gen. Bardry Salaman, all of the members of the unit gathered together in the vehicle compound's workshop and discussed the situation. They were joined by Kilo Squad, and a member of the 3rd Ephyrans told them about Salaman's death and his replacement by Col. Victor Hoffman, whom many members of the unit distrusted because he was from the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry.[1]

Known SquadsEdit


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